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The Heart and The Soul

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At The Heart and The Soul Jennifer performs a method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) is a fascinating journey of the consciousness. There are many mind, heart and awareness expanding experiences that come with a session. People seek out sessions for many reasons and health, disease, clarity and curiosity are very common situations to address with QHHT®. If you don’t believe in past lives, that is not a worry. We can call that part just a story; both are just words and concepts and we’ll work with the words and concepts that are most familiar to you. This part of the session is showing you where issues you are dealing with began – because if we know where something began we can more easily understand it, heal it and move on. There are many, many possibilities of things you might be shown.

When people come into a session, they come with a list of questions – more like conversation topics – that I’ll be discussing with your subconscious. For the first hour or two we get to know each other, I’ll explain a little about the process of QHHT®, I’ll give you ways to help you understand how you help yourself to let go and allow yourself a very deep level of hypnosis, I’ll ask you to share a little about your life’s journey and then we will go over your list of questions. Then we’ll begin the hypnosis. This is when we’ll ask your subconscious (higher self, over-soul, holy spirit, or whatever name you call this bigger aspect of you) to use the gift of your voice to come in and answer your questions and heal the body. This is you but the part of yourself we more commonly call your intuition, your gut. It’s the part of you that has been with you always and sees and knows everything from a higher perspective.


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