2017 Board Member

There was a general meeting held on Monday night and I wanted to let you know about a few changes that will be impacting our membership for 2017.First off our 2017 Board consists of the following:Susan Dukat, PresidentJulie Bittel, Vice PresidentPeggy Whalen, SecretaryMark Paczosa, TreasurerMelissa Thompson, MembershipPlease help me in thanking and congratulating them if you see them around!Changes Effective for 2017:The new member registration for the chamber is $100.  All subsequent years are $75.  This will only impact members signing up for 2017, but we wanted to make you aware of the change so you can communicate that to any prospective members.In addition, the membership fees will change to a 1/1 billing instead of a fiscal billing based on your sign up date.  You may have already seen an invoice show up in your email.Lastly we are SO excited to be rolling out a brand new project!  Within the next couple weeks we will be finalizing a business directory brochure, highlighting our wonderful chamber members as well as lots of additional useful information.  These brochures are going to be provided to local businesses for distribution to current, new and prospective residents.  The information that is being used to generate the directory is based on what is in the directory on the website – SO it is a good idea to go in and double check that information asap as we will be going to print very soon.  Most important is your business name, email, website and phone number.  Julie Bittel has been incremental in getting this in place and it is something I am very excited about.